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Bringing the Woods Indoors

As images of Christmas trees, logs on the fire and all things wood, warm and wintry surround us at this festive time of year, we find ourselves thinking about ways to bring nature’s warm and natural palette into rooms. Here are a few of our favorite nature-minded finds.

This gorgeous dresser from Iannone Design is a unique, eco-friendly piece. It combines natural materials and modern design.

Sweet, romantic and a bit retro, this wall decal is ideal for any kid who would enjoy the company of little deer, squirrels and bunnies.

Dwell Studio bedding is one of our favorite brands for its quality and design. This owls set is perfect for a little one who likes napping in the “woods.”

This tree shrub floor lamp from Vibia is absolutely fantastic. It is chic and quite powerful as well. Though originally intended for outdoor spaces, it can make a big difference in a dark room.

The Birds on Tree Shadows wall clock is handmade. It is simple, elegant and would add a special touch to your nursery.

Last, but not least, this fun finger puppets wall hanging made of organic cotton and felt can dress any wall. We suggest hanging it over a changing table so your child can be entertained with puppets while you change her. You can even have it personalized if you want.

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  1. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    That wall decal is really nice. But tree wall decals are kinda too common.

  2. It seems that trees and other wood elements are a fave in nurseries these days. That should explain why more than half of nurseries I see have tree wall decals.

  3. avatar Alison Mar says:

    That wallclock is cool. I couldn’t even tell it’s handmade.

  4. Nothing like earth tones and woodland themes to give a room that warm and cozy feel during the winter season!

  5. avatar Chris says:

    I have done a similar designing in my nursery facilities too. I am sure the kids just love it. How did you get these done though? Are a professional designer or is this just a hobby of yours