A Breathable Bumper from Oliver B

We’ve seen a growing number of stylish options if you don’t want to use a crib bumper. Some parents are choosing to forgo the bumper entirely, but now there is a ventilated bumper option by Oliver B that gives you the best of both worlds—the protection of a bumper while allowing airflow in and out of your crib.

This special bumper by Oliver B features an individual slat bumper and tie system that creates a tight fit on the majority of crib styles. Coupled with one of Oliver B’s stylish crib sheets and skirts, they provide a design option to the nontraditional bumper market. The slat bumper system is available as a twenty-pack in twelve different colors and is also included in their three-piece crib bedding sets. The newest design, the City of Dreams Collection, which features white slat covers with bright orange ties and a chevron crib skirt, was a designed by Elina Furman of A-List Mom. It will be available in January 2013.


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    What a great product. The ties are what makes it look so stylish. Most breathable bumpers have no design or style to them and I find my clients dont like them for that reason. But I’m loving this product!

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    This is nice. I remember I had a dilemma like this when I had my babies. To use a bumper or not. Because if I don’t, then that would mean heads bumping on the hard crib wall, and if I do, there’s that suffocation hazard.

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    I had the same problem, too, Jillian. But I ended up using a bumper anyway. Because there’s really no direct connection between bumpers and SIDS.

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