Party Reveal: Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving day is a time to be thankful for all we have and a time to spend enjoying family and friends. Of course, if you’re two, these altruistic sort of ideas go out the window. A full belly and something to do is more your modus operandi.

In years past, I’ve done tables totally devoted to kids. This year I created a tablescape that is kid-friendly but also some place where adults might not mind sitting down for dinner. So to kick off this month of thanks, here is a little inspiration for your dinner table.

The tablescape is full of textures and patterns. I started with the fabric roses and added layers of ribbon and trim. The yellow pom-like flowers are called billy buttons and are on trend this year. I love the way they look on our table!

I made little cans for each place setting that held things to keep kids occupied during dinner—crayons, paper, playdough and a little turkey craft. For those who are a little older, I also included some questions to ask around the dinner table as conversation starters.

Aside from the fun things to do, there is the favorite of every child—dessert! If you’ve got the time, single or mini-sized servings are always a hit with kids.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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