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Glider-side Carafe

Whether breast or bottle fed, a baby isn’t the only one with needs in the early days of their life. Whenever we design a nursery, we always try to help prepare our new mom for the coming days. One of our top nursery essentials is a simple bedside carafe or in this case, a glider-side carafe. This simple contraption is incredibly useful for new moms, especially nursing mothers, whose thirst can be truly astonishing! Here are some of our favorite finds:

colorful water glass for nursery
“Pill” Carafe

Classic Handblown Carafe

Porcelain Bedside Carafe and Cup

“Off” Pitcher and Cup

nursery with bedside carafe
Monogrammed Carafe
as seen in a Little Crown Interiors nursery design

Two quick tips: If you can, purchase two so you can rotate easily between a perfectly chilled carafe in the kitchen and the empty one you’ve just used in the nursery. And, don’t forget a beautiful coaster!

Andrea Lowe

Wednesday 28th of November 2012

Those “Off” Pitchers and Cups have really happy colors. I wouldn't mind drinking from those.

Jillian Scotts

Monday 26th of November 2012

Nursing really leaves you parched! I clearly remember having a 1-liter plastic canister on the side table and resenting having to get up and refill it with water every so often. And I remember wishing I can just get my water via IV!

Cinzia allocca

Sunday 25th of November 2012

Gorgeous nursery. Love the blue chair in the midst of all that pink. Brilliant!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

The pill carafes look really cool. I especially love the colors they come in.


Wednesday 21st of November 2012

I'll never forgot the incredible thirst I had during those first days of nursing and pumping. I used the plastic tumbler that the hospital gave me - practical but so ugly. One of these options would have brought some luxe into things!