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DIY: Santa’s Photobooth Christmas Cards

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some fun Christmas Card ideas, and I fell in love with one in particular! Our cards have always been more formal—with a traditional family picture and closeups of the kiddos. This year I wanted to mix it up a bit and make our card more fun and playful. After all, 2012 was that kind of year!

So, with a quick trip to my local craft store, I picked up some glitter scrapbook papers and thin sticks to create my own Santa’s photobooth styled pictures! I wanted the “props” for our photobooth to be holiday themed and more importantly, be things the kids would enjoy! (Rudolph was a no brainer!)

I traced out the hats, Santa’s beard and a few red noses.

I glued them together and attached the sticks to the back (so the kids could hold them up to their faces).

I even made mini reindeer antlers and a Santa hat for my newborn.

I found a white wall in our home and had the kids sit on the floor so they were about the same height. We took a ton of fun pictures—both smiling and silly! Turns out, the silly ones were some of my favorites!

It was so easy! The kids are still playing with their holiday props, and I’m more than happy with our DIY Christmas cards! If you are nervous about making the props yourself, don’t stress, there are tons of options online too! Here are some of my favorites.

Here’s our final Christmas card—front and back! I printed them online (saving money by not ordering pre-designed ones), and I love how I was able to include a little blurb about each kid on the back—my mini version of the dreaded multi-paragraph family update!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Sunday 9th of December 2012

Did you design the entire card? Backround, text, font? I am having a hard time finding a site that will let me have control over my card. They all want me to just place pictures and names. Help Please...


Sunday 2nd of December 2012

Thanks so much for sharing! I really love looking at family Christmas photos and cards. I wonder what we will be doing this year.

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Aww... Very nice and cute pictures. You and your husband didn't join the shoot? You should have!