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DIY: Holiday Gift Craft

The holidays are coming up fast, and I am always in need of a “little something” type of gift to give to a teacher or a friend from a playgroup. Here is a super-quick and easy craft that you can make for a few dollars—$5 or less to be exact! It would even make a great baby shower favor.

I already had some leftover spray paint from another project, the felt ornament came from the dollar section at Michael’s, and the other items were purchased at The Dollar Store. Instead of purchasing an ornament, get the kids involved and have them make some ornaments with felt, ribbon, glitter and glue. By adding a kid-made ornament, this would definitely make the perfect nana gift!

Start by spray painting your candlestick, and let it dry. Next, glue your votive holder onto the candlestick (we used E6000). Once dry, trim the holiday berries down and grab a small cluster and hot glue to the back of the candlestick. Next take your felt ornament and hot glue to the front of the candlestick.

Yep…that easy! Now you are ready to add a yummy scented candle. If you want to make it kid-friendly, add a flameless candle and use as decor for a holiday breakfast!

Do you have a great, quick and easy DIY gift idea? We’d love to hear all about it! Share the details below. Happy crafting!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

I was actually inspired to go for a DIY Christmas tree this year. I tore off branches from a tree and arranged them nicely in a big glass jar with pebbles, then I drew Christmas balls and had the kids color them and cut out some paper snowflakes for ornaments. Not only is it DIY, but it's very eco-friendly, too. I am so proud of this project!

Dina Christensen

Saturday 24th of November 2012

Do you have photos of your DIY eco-friendly tree, Florence? We'd like to see them!


Friday 16th of November 2012

Do more of this DIY holiday craft ideas! They just make the perfect holiday activity and the finished product really makes ideal gifts.


Friday 16th of November 2012

Yeah, we want more! I love your DIY tutorials, Rebecca.

Natasha Cune

Thursday 15th of November 2012

Cool. Candles really make a great gift item.