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DIY: Clash and Sass Silhouettes

Silhouettes became a popular form of decoration in the mid 18th century. Amazingly, they are still very much on trend right now. The clean shape against a contrasting background is visually strong while remaining elegant and classic. The family pet silhouettes below are charming.

One thing I enjoy doing in my work is exploring ways to mix trends—specifically, bringing fashion looks and interior design together. Pulling two trends into one project brings excitement to an otherwise staid notion. Right now, I’m inspired by all the clashing patterns we’ve been seeing in fashion—wild colorways coming together in ways that don’t typically go together. The dissonance created between the contrast of prints and colors is what brings excitement to the look.

Supplies: art paper, frames (I got mine at the thrift store), scissors, double-sided tape or glue, pencil, images you want to feature

First thing, select what images you want to use. I chose a painting I made of a whale, a photo of my cat and a sparrow on a wire—all printed with my home printer. Next, clean your frames and glass well. Cut the background paper to fit within each frame; then carefully cut your printouts. Take your cut images and trace them onto the paper that you want to use for your silhouette. I chose the tiny floral print on cream paper because it provided nice contrast against the other patterns.

After all your silhouettes are cut, position them onto your background paper. Tack them down with double-sided tape or a glue stick. You need very little adhesive since the glass and frame should keep them in place for the most part.

Voila! We’ve combined two design trends (silhouettes and clashing patterns) into one cute and chic project. What I love about this project is start to finish, you are talking about less than an hour of DIY time. Not to mention, total cost was under $16 for three pieces of artwork.

This project was super fun to do. Don’t worry if your cuts aren’t perfect—the patterned paper is so wild, the little imperfections will just add to the charm. Also, keep in mind, you can do this with any type of print—or image—the more clashing the better. Go wild with pattern!

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Friday 30th of November 2012

I'm not so up-to-date with fashion, so I didn't even know clashing patterns are what's in or trending right now. Anyway, love your DIY. I'm gonna make my own silhouette art, but I'd stick to the safer, classic look, which uses plain colored papers.

Sam Simon

Monday 28th of January 2013

@1199b83d75d35e0907e66f8839f7b7fa:disqus ROCK ON! I'd love to see the finished project! How cool! xoSS

Andrea Lowe

Wednesday 28th of November 2012

And you used colorful art paper with funky prints. Didn't expect print on print would work well, but it did!

Sam Simon

Monday 28th of January 2013

@AndreLowe Thanks! I think the funky printed paper really gives the project a stylish twist!

Jillian Scotts

Monday 26th of November 2012

I think there was a silhouette DIY tutorial here before, but that was more of a person's profile. Yours is of our fave animals. Thanks for sharing!

Sam Simon

Monday 28th of January 2013

@facebook-100002099940743:disqus I LOVE animals!!!!!