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Have you checked out the first issue of Rhubie + Rhett, a bi-monthly digital lifestyle publication for the modern-minded family? Rhubie + Rhett focuses on issues central to today’s modern families—smart design, healthy and kid-approved meals, fabulous and functional fashion and a whole lot more.

Our very own Pam and Melisa contributed to the first issue with a fab feature showing off their decorating chops. Check out how they took one plain white couch and styled four very different looks around it.

Be sure to check back for future issues of Rhubie + Rhett for more fun features from Melisa and Pam!


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    Nice e-magazine. Now I have something to browse and read during weekends. Thanks for introducing us to this.

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    It seems that the comments here and in Rhubie + Rhett are mixed up. It’s like there’e only one comment board for the two posts. What went wrong?

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    Just some growing pains. We have been transitioning our comments to Disqus and there are a few cases where things have gotten mixed up, we are working with them to get everything straightened out. Don’t worry, we are working diligently to get it fixed up. :)

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    Congratulations Pam and Melisa, looking forward to seeing the issue, I don’t think it’s available here yet.

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