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Join Pam and Melisa on Spreecast

Pam and Melisa are fresh off the the plane from the 2012 ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, and they are ready to fill you in on the latest and greatest happenings of the baby business.

Join the Project Nursery duo this Thursday at 10am PDT /1pm EDT for their weekly “Dish & Design” series on Spreecast. They will be giving the full scoop on the expo and letting readers know what they loved, what they could leave behind and what the new trends are for 2013!

Have questions for Pam and Melisa? We would love to invite our readers to join the ladies of Project Nursery on camera! If you have questions but can’t join us live, or if you are feeling a little camera shy, you can post your question below or on our Facebook page, and we’ll do our best to answer it during our broadcast.

Still haven’t logged onto Spreecast? It’s a mix between YouTube and Skype. It gives us the ability to produce live video and include our audience onscreen.


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