Bump Style: Sensible and Stylish Shoes

When you are pregnant, your baby is not the only thing that is growing. Along with your belly and hips, your feet can also grow! Many women find that their feet swell or grow during and after pregnancy. I actually went up a half a size after having two children. I found it beneficial to invest in a few pairs of shoes that were not only comfortable but also stylish to carry me through the nine months.

Thank goodness flats are so chic these days! They make dressing for pregnancy much more comfortable and cute. This season we are seeing a lot of trends in flats, which can take any outfit from boring to brilliant. These animal print flats by Steven can give a basic black outfit a fun pop. You can also pair them with your colored denim for fall.

Another huge trend this season are cap toe flats. We are seeing everything from embellishment at the toes to metallic details. I love these fun studded toe flats by Steven.

Two-tone flats are another trend we are seeing this fall. These rubber-soled flats look super comfortable and would be great for running after your little ones.

The loafer is making a comeback. This season the loafer looks modern in fun prints, with embellishment and even tassels. These peacock print loafers are simply adorable.

What “flats” trend will you be sporting this season?


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    One of the downsides of being pregnant is that you would have to be crazy to wear stilettos, but these flats prove that your feet does not have to be less comfortable to look sexy!

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    Even if one isn’t pregnant, these shoes are just great. I totally love the studded toe flats!

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