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Blue isn’t just for Boys

One of my favorite things my daughter, Stella, ever said was “God created colors for everyone.” Of course, she was quoting her nursery school teacher who wanted the kids to know it was okay for boys to like pink and girls to like blue. When it comes to girls and blue, I am a huge fan. From rich navy to subtle blue, it happens to be my favorite color in any room, especially in a nursery for a little girl.

The use of navy here against the stark white is so dramatic. The feminine pops of pink make it read all girl. What’s great about this navy nursery is it could easily be transitioned into a boy’s room later if child number two happens to be a boy.

This elegant room can certainly be used for a prince or princess. The gold accents matched with the silvery blue and floral accents make it soft and sweet.

This room reminds me of my childhood room. The pureness of the simple baby blue with the busy patterns makes this room so cozy. I adore what they did on the ceiling.

Would you use blue in your daughter’s room?

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  2. avatar Jessica says:

    I absolutely love the print in the first picture – any idea as to where it may have come from?

  3. avatar thara says:

    These rooms in your post are just so gorgeous!!! I would have loved to see the rest of that first nursery. It looks modernly charming.

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  5. avatar Michelle says:

    gorgeous! thanks for sharing…

  6. avatar Melisa Fluhr says:

    Emily, Congrats on a beautiful nursery! If you have a moment, please consider sharing with our community in our member project gallery. I think you’ll help inspire others to also use blue for girls!

  7. avatar Faye Pearson says:

    Of course, blue is for everyone, too. I just think that when you decide on blue as the dominant color for a baby girl’s nursery, you need to exert a lot of effort to make the other feminine elements stand out and cover up the “stereotype” that blue is for boys.

  8. avatar Belle Humphreys says:

    Your daughter is right:) And these are just lovely rooms. Emily, your daughter’s nursey is also great.

  9. We didn’t want to repaint the nursery (it had been blue for our son) so we kept it blue for our daughter. I LOVE how it looks- girly but not overly so…