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A New Generation of Customization

Our nursery design clients are always asking us for items that are unique and custom. It seems like the options for customization are endless, but a lot of times they come with a large amount of extra time, effort and money. Every now and then, we will come across a great resource for custom items that takes the guess work out of it, making things easier on our clients.

Recently, we discovered DENY Designs, an online shop with a large library of art that can be placed on multiple items, like wall clocks, shower curtains and throw pillows.

Custom shower curtain clock and pillow

It’s easy to find cute wall art, but finding an equally cute and unique duvet cover? Not so easy. Having a resource like this enables the customer to get creative. In addition to duvet covers, DENY Designs also offers sheet sets!

Also equally hard to find are throw blankets that are fun, interesting and not made of wool, which can be itchy for a baby. Here, there are lots of beautiful art pieces that can be translated onto fleece throws, so they are cozy (and washable!).

custom art fleece blanket

Check out the rest of the products that DENY Designs offers to help you create a nursery or child’s room that is full of imagination and creativity.

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  1. Butterflies are really lovely creatures. But I wonder why they’re associated with girls and not with boys. How did it start to be “feminine”? LOL

  2. That duvet cover is gorgeous! I want one!!!

  3. It seems the comments are mixed up here :(

  4. avatar Belle Humphreys says:

    The way you worked around the theme is just worthy of praise! So fun, colorful and creative. I love every little detail of this party.