Trend Alert: Candy Art!

I’ve been seeing a lot of art made from candy popping up just like in this sweet design board. I love the bold, fresh and modern feel it adds to the decor. I also think it is a fun project to do with the kids, but beware of the consumption of candy—very tempting!

With candy art, a simple design can create a big statement. You can use any candy to create your design, but using candies uniform in shape, like sixlets or gumdrops, will help make the pattern stand out.

Pick a frame that won’t compete with the design. I love how a simple frame was used for the candy heart above, for Dylan Lauren’s bridal shower, but for the ice cream cone below, a more elaborate frame works great because it blends with the white candy.

I am dying to try this out for my next party and create a memorable piece of art good enough to eat!


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    What do you usually use to put the candies together? Just glue? What if you plan to eat them candies? What’s an edible substitute for glue?

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    I’m not very sure about candy art. I’d rather use watercolor or acrylic, or crayons for arts, while I’d prefer the candies inside my mouth. LOL.

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