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Poncho Baby Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding is an amazing gift for your baby, but as all breastfeeding mamas know, it definitely ties you down. As a current breastfeeding mother, I understand the feeling. The first step to liberating yourself is to find a nursing cover that you love so you can get comfortable feeding baby on the go. It will help give you and baby the freedom to get out of the house and back into the world. I recently got the opportunity to try a new nursing cover from Poncho Baby, and I love it.

I previously had one of those small patterned nursing covers, which I enjoyed using, but let me tell you, now that my baby is a nosey, little busybody at seven months old, I love the Poncho Baby Cover. The fact that the poncho slips over your head with extra fabric over the shoulders (rather than just one small strap) helps prevent baby from flipping the cover off of you every five seconds, which he or she will inevitably do with smaller, one-panel nursing covers.

This nursing cover gives way more coverage than any other cover I’ve ever seen. It even covers your back—a feature I love because when you have to lift your shirt to feed baby, the exposed skin is covered front and back—this is especially great when breastfeeding on open-backed park benches.


Also, even though I do think those patterns are pretty, so does my baby, and that can be a problem with an older baby who, I swear, is actively looking for something to distract him while eating. You don’t want to provide any extra distractions! The solid colors of the poncho cover provide a calming space for baby to nurse, and the breathable muslin cotton ensures it doesn’t get too toasty under the cover. You can even use the Poncho Baby as a stroller cover while baby is sleeping out and about.

Poncho Baby also makes the Baby Bibby—a sweet, patterned cloth that can be used as a washcloth, a bib, a lovey or a napkin.

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Friday 3rd of January 2014

I currently own 3 nursing ponchos which I love. I find that etsy is the best place to get them


Friday 3rd of January 2014 or is where I have gotten mine. Just FYI :)

Tasha Cune

Monday 8th of October 2012

Breastfeeding moms these days are lucky. There are so many breastfeeding covers in various designs available to them.

Florence Amber

Saturday 22nd of September 2012

Ponchos like these are every breastfeeding mom's bestfriend.


Wednesday 19th of September 2012

I regret not using something like this before. I always made do with just a blanket, and many times it did slip when the baby moved.


Thursday 13th of September 2012

Thank you for the great idea. I was really looking for a multi-purpose item and this fits the bill.