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My Sweet Muffin: Unique Baby Gifts

I know you’ve done it. Probably more times than you can count, you’ve walked through a giant baby superstore, with a printed registry in hand, searching for the perfect gift for your sister/best friend/favorite co-worker. I don’t know about you, but most of the time, I feel pretty disappointed with my selections as I head to the checkout.

When looking for that something special or a really unique gift, I prefer shops like My Sweet Muffin that curate the finest selection of baby goods, where my only problem is trying to narrow my purchase down.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing just one example of the beautiful items they offer: the Binth Baby Book. Oh my goodness, this book is gorgeous.

Like many of the products My Sweet Muffin carries, this baby book is definitely what I would qualify as heirloom quality. The hardcover book is cloth covered and comes in a beautiful book box, which will help keep this family treasure protected. It also makes for a great presentation if you plan on giving it as a gift.

The Binth Baby Book is filled with 56 pages that are screen-printed with custom soy-based inks on acid free archival paper. You’ll find all the typical baby book entries listed, but what I love about this book is that it’s pretty open-ended, leaving room for you to write what you want to write.

Now I’m faced with a typical dilemma for me—actually sitting down and writing in it. I almost can’t stand to mar the beautiful book with my handwriting.

Please do check out My Sweet Muffin for yourself to find the Binth Baby Book and more unique and high-quality products like it.

To ensure this product fit our readers’ needs,
Project Nursery received a sample for review.

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  1. avatar Belle Humphreys says:

    I think open ended baby books are great as it leaves you with more freedom to do what you want and to write what you want. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. avatar Faye Pearson says:

    Yeah, My Sweet Muffin has a section on gift ideas, featuring really cool and cute items.

  3. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    Don’t worry, airconditioned, if you look at My Sweet Muffin’s site, you can see they have a lot of other books you can still buy. There’s the Keepsake for Schoolyears. You can have that instead. They also have interview journals that are very nice.

  4. avatar airconditioned says:

    This is such a lovely baby book. After I bought one for my kid, I kept on seeing other baby books that were a lot nicer. And each time I always feel a sense of regret. And now this! =(