Design Reveal: Color Craze

It’s a little hard for us to find just the right words to describe this design, which we recently completed for a client in Orange County, CA. It’s so colorful that the word “bright” just doesn’t do it justice. And, while it’s modern, it’s clearly not stark nor minimalist. For some reason, the phrase “in your face” seems to spring to mind, but at the same time, the room has a level of sophistication that reads a little more fun. So, perhaps we’ll just call this one Sadie’s Room.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in this room. So, rather than run down how we designed each element, this time, we’d like to just let you take it all in. Enjoy!

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    I thought that too many colors would create an eyesore, so I stayed with using just two colors… three at the most. But this room proved me wrong. I love it!

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    There is a lot going on in this room. It’s quite difficult to focus your eyes on just one single thing or one single element in here.

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    This is the first time I have seen a Little Crown Interiors room that’s quite different. Not the usual classy, elegant and fabulous. This one is a bit more towards “experimental.”

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