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Design Reveal: A Modern Toddler Room

People always ask me which rooms are my favorite to design. I’d have to say toddler rooms hands down. Why? Well this is such a big transition for a child to move from a crib to their big kid bed. They have such a sense of independence and confidence when you can finally tell them “this is your big girl room.”

One of my recent projects was for a little girl whose parents have modern european style. They wanted their daughter to have a sophisticated toddler room that she could grow into, yet one which was still feminine and playful. The little girl’s main requests were that she wanted pink, purple and ballerinas. Our design successfully combined the wishes of the daughter and parents.

The room was basically a blank slate when we started except that the parents had an upholstered bed from their guest room that they wanted to use—not bad to start with a B&B Italia bed! From there we chose the fabric for the window treatments, and then everything else just fell perfectly into place.

To see more photos of the room, visit the Project Junior Gallery.

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  1. avatar STL Hair says:

    Cute! Can you make for a baby boy toddler room too pls?

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  3. avatar Bridget says:

    If you are willing to share, I am curious where the bird pillow came from and the fabric for the window treatment. Thanks!

  4. Is the P a decal or painted on??

  5. avatar Faye Pearson says:

    What font type did you use for the “P”?

  6. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    Very pretty room. I love the feminine details, like those ballerina prints, the window treatments, and the fabrics used all throughout the room.

  7. avatar Lisapeck says:

    Just how did you do those windows!

  8. avatar airconditioned says:

    Lovely room. Is that a Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair?

  9. avatar Guest says:

    Can you list the cushion fabric source? china seas?

  10. avatar Guest says:

    cushion fabric?