Classic Nursery Themes

I’m not always in love with the idea of themes in the nursery, but I believe that working in a common element or thread can be simple and adorable without being “overdone.” Here are some nurseries I found that do the “theme” thing just right.

Safari is one of the most popular nursery themes year after year. I love seeing the new twists that people come up with to incorporate the animals while still keeping it fresh. What I love about this room (besides the Bellini crib) is the way the designer, Samantha Friedman, used tons of pattern and texture throughout. The prints she chose to coordinate with the Serena and Lily bedding are simple and modern and perfectly solidify the theme.

A timeless, ultra-feminine theme is the ballet. Of course, we can think of these rooms as extremely frilly and over the top, but what I adore about this room is that it has a vintage feel. These are two of my all-time favorite girl prints from our friends at Oopsy Daisy.

Nautical nurseries are so enchanting because there are so many ways to approach them. My new favorite feel for the nautical nursery is a deep navy wall with strong pops of white and red. Even though I tend to think of the nautical theme as more traditional, I love what ducduc did with the look in this modern room.

A great neutral theme is the enchanted forest. I think adding just a touch of this Beatrix Potter feel is so charming and sweet as seen in this Art for Kids masterpiece. Mixed with a sophisticated yet elegant backdrop, this classic theme is certainly timeless.

Have a new and interesting theme? Be sure to share it in our gallery.


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    That ballet-themed room, I think, is classic. And that last room, too. In my opinion, people should not confuse the word “classic” with “popular year after year after year.” These two are just different.

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    I agree with you Avalon. Classic is timeless, so classic themes for me have that old-world feel and has that sense of elegance to it. And even if that is so, you just won’t get tired of looking at it.

  3. 4

    Classic rooms are just the best. They’e beautiful and they’d stand through time. Years from now you’d see photos of your classic nursery and you’d still find it stylish and lovely.

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