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Best in Show: Picks from the NY Gift Show

The New York International Gift Fair is a huge trade show displaying products from 2,800 companies and designers from over 80 countries; the biannual event is truly a splendid sight. I gathered a ton of wonderful picks to share.

Whether shopping for apparel or an accent for the room, the work of Donna Wilson stood out because of its inventive patterns and endearing shapes. Donna’s precious pillowed incarnations of nature’s gentlest creatures are a unique solution to throws.

Whether populating a forest of evergreens or creating a cloud formation, these plushy guys are adorable and make a fantastic bunch on a bed or couch.

Adding a fun pop of color to a room is always a great idea in my book, and I love animals! What could be more fun and graphic than the bold silhouette of a purple baby lamb? These rocking benches combine really great design and convenient function for the nursery. Just so cute and chic!

I think all children dream that their toys might come to life and have a party while they are sleeping. The ever-clever Kikkerland has made this a reality. This Woodland Diarama holds a magic woodland world that plays inside the frame and then hides again. The thrill of catching a glimpse of foxes, bunnies and deer captivates both mommy and baby!

Pictures are more than decorations—they are memories and symbols of our most special moments. Designed by students at SCAD, these Puffy Frames from The Working Class Studio mimic elaborate molded frames but are soft and plushy. Safely and easily hung on the wall, these puffy frames really make a portrait stand out. Use these to hang photos, your children’s projects or art.

Part of learning is hands-on building! Take for example these eco-friendly and charming animals from Topozoo. They would be wonderful sitting on the dresser or fun to play with; they come in a variety of shapes and are made from 100% recycled materials—super giftable!

Dolls from Stuf have all the detailing of a smart and humorous comic book character with the cuddliness of a toy. Made in a variety of quirky characters, their artful designs are sure to make a statement.

With so many wonderful designs and products, it was hard to narrow it down. I am always excited by the selection of great new toys, room accents and apparel options. I can’t wait to bring you more items I discovered during the season ahead! You can check out Michelle’s picks from the show too.

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  1. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    Don’t the photos get dislodged easily? How does the frame keep the photo tightly in place?

  2. avatar Sam Simon says:

    The woodland diorama from Kikkerland works GREAT! It’s like magic! Very simple, and super cute! xoSS

  3. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Dear Zen, visiting the show is a treat! Come to NYC next time around! The shows fun! or there are usually gift shows in other markets like Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, LA and Vegas! Hope you’re swell! xoSS

  4. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Dear Lisapeck! Thank you so much! Im glad you are enjoying the posts! I try to keep it real, and keep it cute! Thanks so much! Feedback is always appreciated and welcome! xoSS

  5. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Dear Tasha! I do love stuffed stuff! Those frames are the cutest! xoSS

  6. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    You have a thing for plushies, don’t you? Because I do, too. I think the stuffed photo frames would really make wonderful gifts to friends for just about any occasion.

  7. avatar Lisapeck says:

    Sam, you’re a breath of fresh air. I just love your picks and have even backtracked reading your posts! Keep them coming!

  8. avatar Zen says:

    How I wish I had the chance to visit the show. I’m sure I would be able to come up with my own list of interesting gift items!

  9. avatar dandelion says:

    That Woodland Diarama from Kikkerland looks real interesting. I wonder how it really works.