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The Perfect Birthday Attire

As a child, I always looked forward to picking out a special outfit to wear at my birthday party. At first my mom would select a special dress for me, but when I got older, I would pick it out. So far I have been able to pick out my daughter Lauren’s birthday outfits, though I can see the tide is going to turn soon! Here are some fun tips to help select that special outfit for your little one.

Select an outfit in the same colors as your party. I chose this darling tutu set in hot pink and yellow to match her party decorations. This also creates great photo opportunities and makes the birthday girl stand out.

Custom tees are super special! We had this one made to match Lauren’s cupcake first birthday. I loved the rhinestones and personalization, and I have this set aside as a keepsake for her.

Look at this sweet, custom robot tee we had made for little Logan by Planet Pudge.

Address the head. Yep, this can be for both girls and boys. I love selecting a matching headband or bow for the outfit. You can go as simple as a little hair clip that coordinates or an exquisite headband like the one little Amelia wore for her Paris Princess party.

So enjoy shopping for your little one’s special day, and add that extra special something to the birthday fun!

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  1. Love these! I also found some birthday dresses here if anyone is interested. Different style, but just as cute.

  2. avatar MapleSyrup says:

    Planning the perfect birthday attire is actually just as hard as planning the party itself.

  3. avatar MarissaS says:

    It seems tutus are the birthday girl staple outfit!