Party Trends: The Tissue Tassel

It’s always great to see something new come over the party decorating horizon, and I love that tissue tassels have made the trip from wedding decor to birthday parties and showers.

photo by

Confetti System can be credited with originating these genius decorative garlands, but they’re widely available from many others now.

photo by Confetti System

A simple garland of tiny tissue tassels can add so much color and texture to a party. They make a perfect party backdrop and create loads of drama!

photo by Lil’ Hoot

Tassels aren’t limited to the background though. They look amazing on cakes, cupcakes and for decorating favors.

photo by Potter & Butler

My favorite way to use tassels is attached to helium balloons. It adds an air of sophistication to the balloons. Generally, you want to use very small tassels for regular-sized balloons, or use oversized balloons in order to float a tassel.

Use a tassel or two at your next party and join the trend!


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    @Tasha, It is frilly, because that’s what parties should be and it connotes fun and merry-making, and it’s part of any festivity. A party without the frills would look to formal and too stiff.

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    Loving that colorful tissue tassel garland, especially with those metallic tassels tossed into the mix!

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