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It’s a Small World!

Do you ever sort through the mail and find an unexpected surprise? Much to our delight, we just received a beautiful postcard from one of our favorite wall art vendors—Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids. They’ve just announced the launch of their new line based on Disneyland’s “it’s a small world” attraction. We can’t wait to see how Oopsy Daisy brings the magic of Disney to American homes.

Oopsy Daisy Artwork Based on It's A Small World

Photo Courtesy of Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids

Being Southern California natives, we think this iconic attraction is an adorable subject for artwork in a child’s room. How cute are these growth charts?

growth charts by Oopsy Daisy

Photo Courtesy of Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids

As nursery designers , we think a nursery or child’s room should be the happiest place on earth. We can’t wait to see the rest of Oopsy Daisy’s magical new line!

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  1. avatar Florence Amber says:

    You’ve said it guys. There are so many cute and charming designs that it’s a difficult task to pick just one.

  2. avatar Zen says:

    Their “It’s a Small World” collection is really lovely. Colorful, beautiful designs that are appropriate for our little ones. If only I can have all of them!

  3. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    They have very pretty and cute stuff! I totally adore their canvas wall arts and their growth charts! Love love love them!!!

  4. We are so excited, too! It’s an honor to be able to put the beautiful, timeless artwork of Mary Blair on the walls of kids’ rooms everywhere. We’re pretty sure you’ll get a heartwarming rush of nostalgia when looking through the collection.

  5. avatar Dejah says:

    Oh, I love that artwork! I have been a long time fan of Mary Blair, and all the design of Small World. I used to love that ride, just for the beautiful decorations!