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Gallery Roundup: Name Art

We spend so much time picking out our baby’s name that it’s no wonder that we want to celebrate it once we’ve made the big decision. Many of our readers have come up with creative ways to display their babies’ names in the nursery. Take a look at these examples of name art that we found in our gallery.

Raya + Mason’s Twin Nurser
y by


Boy’s Modern + Vintage Room


Clearly Modern Nursery


Ryo’s Airplane Room


Jordyn’s Room


Baby Ames Nursery


Noah’s Nursery


Kellan’s Modern Nursery


Jackson’s Room


For more inspiration and your chance to be featured in a Gallery Roundup, visit our Project Gallery!

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  1. avatar Zen says:

    To Tasha: That’s actually made of rope and wire.

    My eyes aren’t on the letters though, but on the zebra head and the wooden toy storage unit.

  2. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    That Wyatt name art looks really unique and interesting. I wonder what that is made of.

  3. avatar Elizabeth says:

    I love name art! Here’s what we did in my son Owen’s nursery –×682.jpg

  4. avatar MapleSyrup says:

    When it comes to name art, I like those in monogram style. They look so elegant and classy.

  5. avatar MarissaS says:

    I like the giant scrabble tiles, too. I have come across so many lovely name art in the galleries that it’s hard to keep track of them.

  6. avatar PoshTots says:

    All of these name display ideas are absolutely adorable! The Crossword names are brilliant for a shared room. It is similar to our Crossword wall art that reads “Imagine. Dream. Believe.”