DIY: Good Design is Never Finished

Project Nursery reader Morgan, of Pepper Design Blog, proves that a good design is never complete. Just because baby has moved in doesn’t mean you have to put down your hammer and paintbrush. In fact, as your baby grows, you will find that the space needs to grow with him or her because of new needs or just to add new visual interest. Check out these great projects that Morgan created for her daughter’s baby animal nursery to keep it fresh and unique.

Morgan and her husband took an already sweet hand-painted tree and worked DIY magic by adding these floating wooden shelves along the tree branches. It’s such a cute and creative way to store and display her daughter’s books and toys.

In the same corner of the room, they gave their daughter’s play table and chairs a facelift with a little bit of paint to create this adorable dipped effect on the table legs.

Keeping a design updated doesn’t always mean a ton of work. A few projects added here and there will help keep your design fresh and interesting. Thanks for sharing with us, Morgan!

Have a DIY project of your own that you’d like to share with us?
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    You are right. As your baby grows, the nursery evolves, too. Your baby’s little personality unfolds as time goes by and you will see how his or her room needs to reflect it.

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    This is the very reason why I love very simple and clean nurseries. They are more flexible and it would be easier to gradually add decorative elements as the baby grows.

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    I agree with you there, Gwendolynne, about simple spaces being more flexible. That’s the great thing about exercising some restraint or control when it comes to designing our kids’ nurseries. Most of us get too excited and eager that we end up going over the top with our nursery designs. The problem with a fully completed nursery is that we get attached to it and we find it difficult to bring in a few changes as our baby grows.

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