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Dirty Clothes Decor

You used to think your husband produced a lot of dirty clothes; just wait until that newborn arrives. There’s nothing like going through multiple outfits, bibs, blankets and burps a day to fill up a laundry basket in no time flat. For my older kids, their laundry basket is in their closet or bathroom where they can easily drop their dirty clothes each day (wishful thinking, I know). But for the nursery, I always preferred to have it out and easily accessible since I was constantly throwing something into it!

Gone are the days of the white plastic laundry basket; with options like these, the dirty clothes can easily become part of your decor! Take a simple design and personalize it with a monogram or fancy trim. Buy some extra fabric that matches your bedding and use for a liner, or just grab one of these ready-to-go designs! Perfect for life’s little messes now and toy storage later on!

1. Load Bearing Storage Collection 2. I Think I Canvas Hamper  3. Bacati Pink/Chocolate Mod Dots and Stripes Hamper 4. Parker Stripe Hamper Liner 5. Lucy Victoria Hamper


Saturday 1st of September 2012

Gone were the days when you can use those ugly plastic hampers. I use a wicker basket with canvass lining for mine, and I think it really adds a charming touch to my washroom.

Florence Amber

Tuesday 21st of August 2012

Laundry baskets should look nice since it's where you hide those dirty, smelly clothes. Pretty much the same way your trash bins should look nice and "in sync" with your room decor.


Saturday 18th of August 2012

In other words, an ugly laundry bin makes the room ugly, too.

Tasha Cune

Thursday 16th of August 2012

Laundry baskets are indeed part of your decor. An ugly basket would be a pain to look at, especially in an otherwise beautiful room.