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Design Reveal: Pink and Gold Gorgeousness

“If I had a little girl, this is the room I would dream of.” – Gerri Panebianco, co-founder of Little Crown Interiors. Well, lucky for us (and Gerri especially), we got the opportunity to indulge our inner princesses when we designed this stunning nursery for a client in Southern California.

pink and gold girls glamorous nursery

Our client wanted her nursery to be girly, luxurious and, of course, pink. Instead of silver, we went with gold accents to bring a richness and sophistication to the space.

pink and gold baby nursery in Orange County California

In addition to the color scheme, we used texture to enhance the space. Metallic wallpaper, shimmering crystal lighting and mirrored surfaces were used throughout the room for that extra punch of glamour.

pink and gold damask wallpaper

Perhaps our favorite part of this heavenly nursery is the pink chiffon draped vanity area. Of course, for the next few years, it will be mostly for mom, but we still love how sweet and old-fashioned it is.

baby nursery with pink fabric vanity dressing table

View the complete nursery on our website. Enjoy!

Photos by Full Spectrum Photography

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  5. avatar kat says:

    where can i find this beautiful wallpaper?

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  7. avatar April Heather Davulcu says:

    simply divine, dahling~

  8. avatar Sabrina says:

    This room is truly stunning! Any little girl, or mommy, would dream to have a room like this.

  9. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    The pink and gold look so royal together. Are you sure it was a client from California who commissioned you to do this project and not the Duchess of Cambridge?

  10. avatar Diane Mathias says:

    Very fab in a traditional sort of way. But I am echoing what Gwendolynne said. This nursery is fit for a palace or a multi-million dollar mansion. This will stick out like a beautifully sore thumb in my very modest home. ;)

  11. avatar Gwendolynne says:

    The metallic wallpaper is enough to win me over. This room is just epic in my book. And I wouldn’t dare do this kind of nursery in our house because every other room will pale in comparison and they will really look ironically cheap amidst all this nursery’s luxurious feel.

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  13. avatar Melisa Fluhr says:

    I have a ton of other work to do but I can’t stop coming back to look at this. Jaw is on the floor. You ladies are TOP notch!