Design Reveal: Modern Gray and Orange Nursery

When we started working on this nursery, there were three elements that we needed to incorporate—the iconic Hicks Hexagon wallpaper that was already installed in the room, a vintage Dr. Seuss print that the parents-to-be owned, and they wanted to feature a family tree somewhere in the space. Tying together these three disparate elements with the parent’s desire for a modern aesthetic became our point of departure for the project.

We drew on the colors in the wallpaper—shades of grey and a dark navy—as the base palette for the room. Retaining the white trim and bringing in bright pops of orange both brightened the room, which doesn’t receive much natural light, and provided vibrant visual accents.

We love the outcome of maximizing contrast by painting one wall the dark navy and framing the Dr. Seuss print in a high gloss white frame, which made the already vibrant picture pop even more. We then weaved inspirational text from this much-loved author around the poster to compose this vignette.

Lastly, we always commit ourselves to finding ways to incorporate the various requests of the parents into the room, no matter how many there are. We were thrilled that the vintage airplane mobile and globe we hung over the changer helped fulfill the new parents’ wish for travel elements and a map in the room. We hope the room, the quotes and this little mobile give this special young man the wings to fly!

For more project details, visit the Project Nursery gallery.


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    The grey hexagon wallpaper is absolutely beautiful! I like my walls plain, but if they were to be covered by this wallpaper, I definitely wouldn’t mind. 

  2. 2

    I love everything about this room. So modern, stylish, cool, and minimalist. Not over-the-top at all.

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    I have always loved grey and orange color combo. I think orange brightens up the otherwise gloomy grey. And grey softens or tones down a bit of orange’s sunshiny brightness.

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    I like the airplane and globe mobile as well as the family tree. No close-up photos for these?

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  7. 7

    I would love to know where to find this Dr. Seuss print, I love it. We are getting ready to start designing our nursery, and I would love to incorporate Dr. Seuss. Thank You! :)

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