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Ombre Obsession: A Multi-Hued Party Trend

Fashion, design and party planners are all deep into the ombre trend. Ombre’s flexibility and the sense of airiness it brings to a design understandably make it a favorite! So how and where do you make it work in your own party designs?

Ombre Cake Pops
 by Candybar Couture

Choose your base color carefully. Colors that are on the less intense side will give a more pleasing effect in the end. Think aqua, lavender, pink, sea foam green. There is no reason other colors can’t be used, but some definitely work better than others in an ombre scheme. After you choose your base color (the darkest color), pick colors in a gradation of increasingly lighter tones to complete your palette.

Pink Ombre Swirl Cake
 by Glorious Treats

Use ombre as a backdrop for a focal point. At a party, create a wall of ombre. Crepe paper, garlands, feathers, papers and cloth are all available in enough colors and hues to make this easy. Creating a backdrop in this case is all about layers.

Ombre Decorated Votives
at Martha Stewart

Use ombre accessories against a solid background. Flowers, candlesticks, balloons and other decorations can all be painted or picked in any tonal range to create an attractive display. Just plan on creating a big enough collection of whatever items you plan to use. Give your ombre decor something to stand out against—a solid color will be easiest.

Ombre Macaroons
 by Sweet Style

Decorate your desserts. An ombre effect can make any dessert look totally designer. Cakes are a popular way to use ombre whether it’s on the inside of the cake as a surprise when you cut it or on the outside in layers of frosting or fondant. Cookies, cake pops and artfully arranged candy are also a fantastic way to use ombre as a design element as shown in the pictures above.

Want to see more ombre inspiration? See my Pinterest board.

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Friday 21st of September 2012

[...] Ombre Macaroon Sweets Table [...]

Tasha Cune

Monday 23rd of July 2012

Oooh! I can't wait to try this out. Great thing my youngest has her birthday coming up soon!

Frauline Melfi

Sunday 22nd of July 2012

Florence: I think that if you choose boyish colors it will. Ombre is more of an accent, so it would all depend on the main materials that you use for your party or centerpiece.

Florence Amber

Saturday 21st of July 2012

Will this kind of color scheme work for boys?


Saturday 21st of July 2012

I just adore the colors here. I think I'd do a multi-hued party using blue.