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Life’s a Beach: Nursery Accessories

Growing up in Massachusetts, my summer vacation was always in Cape Cod. My mother would pile my two sisters and me in the wood-paneled Plymouth Volare station wagon, and we’d head down to the famed arm-shaped peninsula. Thinking of these trips to the Cape with my mother and sisters always makes me happy. Right now as I type this post, I’m in my weekly rental on my yearly summer trip to my beloved Cape Cod, and I thought it would be fun to look at ways to bring the beach into the nursery. Take a gander at the treasures I uncovered below.

Many hours were spent hunting for seashells, or the rare find—a piece of silken, tumbled sea glass. I would always imagine where these tiny pieces of glass came from; maybe they were from old pirate ships or foreign lands! This sea glass lamp has that smooth, almost powdery texture that I love about sea glass. Its shape is elegant, and the color is a magical, oceanic green-blue.

This amazing white coral chandelier is a great statement piece for a beach-themed nursery. The great thing about this light fixture is it can easily be moved into other areas of the home.

I was blown away to find these striking sea shell and jelly fish prints on the real treasure chest of Etsy! Alganet is a wonderful online shop that has a myriad of amazing sea life prints in a dazzling array of colors. Their prices are wonderful—the examples below are each under $14. I would do a collage of six of them hung in a grid over a crib as a very chic focal point.

The luster of these mother of pearl picture frames is rich and gorgeous; the border is made up of strands of tiny seed pearls. These are perfect for those seaside snapshots of your little treasure.

These needlepoint sailboat slippers are so charming. In fact, if they came in my size I’d wear them! They also come in crab and lobster designs.

This aquamarine sand dollar rug makes my mind wander to the ocean. The organic placement of the sand dollar motifs gives this piece a visual softness.

A baby dressed as a starfish, I mean COME ON! I just can’t handle the cuteness of this piece! Baby can get cozy in this super soft fleece starfish baby wrap from across the pond. Yes, once again, if it were in my size, I’d be in this, however the star point on the left would have to be snipped off, allowing me to hold a piña colada in my hot little hand.

Before I throw on my bathing suit and giant sunglasses and head to Race Point Beach in Provincetown, let me leave you with a couple words of advice. Wait 30 minutes to swim after eating, always reapply sunblock, and enjoy every minute of these golden summertime moments. The tide turns way too quickly.

Sam Simon

Sunday 8th of July 2012


Hi Martinique! What a lovely name you have! So pretty! OK so on to your question-

Q: would it look creepy to paint the chandelier in a darker color or earth tones?

My opinion: I think it depends on the color and the space. I could see if you painted in charcoal grey or black it might be a bit spidery.... but if you painted it a rich coral orange, or metallic gold it could look stunning! Question for you, why would you have to paint it at all? I think the creamy white color it is could work beautifully with most color schemes. Hit me back and let me know what you end up doing! I love to hear updates! xoxosamsimon

Sam Simon

Sunday 8th of July 2012

Tasha Cune,

Hi Tasha! Thank you so much for the nice comment on the starfish baby wrap! It is ADORABLE! I have to say, I've been in the nursery design business for 16 years and I thought I heard every superstition by now! You just schooled me! I wonder what the origin of that one is- any idea? Well-luckily there are so many design motifs to work with that if shells might raise a controversy with Mom, maybe choose something else- like seahorses, or geometrics. Good luck! I'd love to hear what you decide upon. xosamsimon


Saturday 7th of July 2012

Hi Sam: I think that that chandelier is just lovely. But I do have a question, wouldn't it look creepy if you repaint it in darker or earth colors? I just don't think that it'd go well with the colors I have now in *my* room (I'm going to have to admit that it's going to be in *my* room!)

Tasha Cune

Friday 6th of July 2012

Awww, the baby in the fleece starfish baby wrap is too cute and cuddly for words! I like decors with shells as theme or materials, too, but my mom is such traditional/conservative Asian and they believe seashells bring bad luck. As to why, I just cannot remember. All I know is that if she sees it, she's gonna take it with her and throw it in the trash as soon as she gets home.

Sam Simon

Thursday 5th of July 2012


Hi Zen! Thank you for your comment, I love that sea glass lamp too! The color is just magic! Cape Cod is beautiful! I've been going there since I was born! xoxosam