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High vs. Low: Otomi-Inspired Crib Bedding

I’ve always been a fan of the beautiful neutral Marlo crib bedding set by Serena & Lily. The design could easily work in a Spanish Colonial, Cape Cod or eclectic-styled home. It’s perfect for someone who wants a calm and soothing space for their baby. With a $995 price tag for the three-piece set, this is definitely the high.

The design was inspired by classical Mexican Otomi embroidered designs as found in the quilt below.

Now Pottery Barn Kids has come up with a crib set design, which is very similar in feeling and design. You can get the three-piece set for under $250! Granted the attention to detail and quality is not the same as in the Serena & Lily set, but if you like the look on a budget, this is the set for you. The Organic Sweet Birdie Nursery Set is not available yet but will be in their new fall catalog coming out in mid-July.


Sunday 10th of April 2016

I understand that in the ID world, designs and concepts are routinely 'borrowed', but this is a new LOW for Pottery Barn and I would encourage you to think out the consequences to the livelihood of the Otami indigenous tribes before promoting Pottery Barn knock-offs. Yes, genuine Otomi are more expensive, but there are reasonable suppliers out there. Also Pottery Barn is factory MASS produced using very cheap synthetic materials. PB's profit margins are incredibly high even if the pricing is technically lower.


Saturday 7th of July 2012

Not to sound like a cheapskate here, but I really think that there is not much difference in how the Pottery Barn Kids version looked from the Marlo bedding set... of course, you would have to touch it to see how it feels. But can you imagine being able to buy four of that with the $995 price tag that the Marlo bedding has?


Saturday 7th of July 2012

I have to echo the previous comments. The nursery with the Marlo bedding is just so calming and relaxing to the senses. If this were my room, I'd be sleeping 8 to 10 hours. It would be so nice to just roll or curl up under the sheets. But then again, I shouldn't forget that I have little kids and if this were a room in our house, it would look this clean and crisp for only five minutes tops.


Friday 6th of July 2012

The first nursery just looks so immaculate and divine. And I think the bedding has less to do with it than everything else.

Tasha Cune

Friday 6th of July 2012

The Marlo crib bedding is just gorgeous. It is even made more beautiful with white furniture, white walls, white curtains, and white folded paper cranes! Makes me want to just stay in bed and laze around all day!