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Gallery Roundup: Gorgeous Nursery Ceilings

We spotted this chevron painted ceiling in the gallery this week and…wow! It got us thinking about statement ceilings in the nursery. Let’s look up and see the special treatment our readers have been giving their nursery ceilings. We salute you and your sore necks and shoulders!

Baby H’s Pint-sized Nursery


Reagan’s Room
by Rawlslisa


Long Island Twin Nursery
by EMC2Interiors


Tyler’s Nursery by


 Twin Girls Elegant Nursery by


Under the Big Top by


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  1. avatar Diane Mathias says:

    I quite agree with you, recreate. I see chevron in almost every other nursery. Much like owls. It’s quite tiring, I admit. But then again, that’s why it’s called a trend.

  2. avatar Dandelion says:

    Baby H’s and Tyler’s nurseries are lovely. The simple patterns are enough to add a unique and interesting twist to the rooms. I am not too fond of overly-adorned ceilings like this one with birds and the prints in Reagan’s nursery room ceiling. I wouldn’t be able to lie on bed, look up and fall asleep with too many things going on on the ceiling.

  3. avatar Martinique says:

    You have to admit that ceilings are the most underused part of the room. Most leave it in a plain color when there are just so many things you could paint on it or put on it. Thanks for this round up, these are all great ideas. However, how come nobody did clouds and blue skies for their ceiling? Too obvious?

  4. avatar BuenaMano says:

    What actually got to me in Baby H’s Pint-sized Nursery are the curtains. I think the print and the colors are really fabulous and it really adds a strong, interesting touch to the room. It can even be the scene-stealer!

  5. avatar Recreate says:

    I’m kinda over the chevron stage now. Forgive me, chevron lovers, but it’s getting overused now, I think it lost its charm. Well at least for me.

  6. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    That chevron patterned ceiling is so cool. So refreshing to see the season’s hottest pattern somewhere else and not on the wall or the bedding or the rug.