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Which Mirror is the Fairest One of All?

Disney animated films were definitely one of my first artistic inspirations. As a tiny version of myself, I would sit really close to the screen so the images would fill up my entire field of vision. I loved not being able to see anything except the screen, which transported me to a magical place. One of the first movies I vividly remember seeing is Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) at a very old-fashioned, one-screen movie palace where I grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Fun fact, Walt Disney, always the perfectionist, saw a screening of Snow White and thought she was a bit pale and lifeless looking. Walt had his animators go back and add blush to Snow White’s cheeks on thousands of animation cells! Next time you watch, notice how her cheeks are always fluttering with rouge.

This year, two new versions of Snow White hit the screens! It got me thinking about mirrors. I often recommend mirrors as a great way to increase light and space within a nursery. So, I ask you—insert evil queen voice here— “Mirror Mirror on the wall, WHICH mirror is the fairest one of all?”

Lets start with a classic—the Venetian! Venetian mirrors are available in many shapes, sizes and even colors. They are almost like a big piece of jewelry—a brooch for your wall! The ornate venetian mirror below from Horchow is certainly worthy of any fair maiden or prince charming. The signature etched details combined with that octagonal shape shine in this stunning piece. I like these classic gems paired with very modern furniture for a contrasting style punch.

Now for something modern from Ikea. I actually have this mirror in my own home. It adds so much visual space to my teeny NYC apartment, and it really comes in handy when I want to lip-sync to my favorite pop songs. I hung it horizontally to give me as much room as possible to break out my signature dance moves. At a whopping 30 3/4 ” x 77 1/8″, it’s grand in scale yet humble in price at only $129!

The Queen Anne! Jonathan Adler is rocking this limited-edition juicy orange mirror—a modern, cleaned-up take on the classic Queen Anne shape. Don’t get caught up on the “queen” in the name—it’s also super appropriate for little kings! Imagine it popping off a denim blue or slate grey wall. CHIC, your majesty!

Hey, Pat Sajak! Can I buy a vowel? A B C D E F G this mirror is the one for me! Help teach your children their ABCs while making a design statement at the same time. This baby is 36″, round and no wheel of fortune is needed, and it’s under $200.

Land of Nod is really putting its neck out with this super cute Giraffe growth chart mirror, made of shatterproof and lightweight mirrored acrylic ($80).

Bunny Williams is one of the most beloved and influential NYC interior designers. This year she launched a collection of gorgeous mirrors for her Beeline Home line, including this Ohm Mirror. The fluid lines of this mirror really speak to me and my love of art deco. It’s available in rich cinnabar red and a very sophisticated charcoal gray ($1400).

For basic safety, and self-admitted neurotic reasons, I do not recommend leaning this mirror up against a wall where children are playing or hanging any mirror or heavy object over a crib.


Saturday 7th of July 2012

Sam: the mirrors in that UK site you recommended are startlingly beautiful! I'm debating between the a set of dinosaur mirrors or the jigsaw pieces! Just to let you know that you have a fan in me, I truly love your suggestions!!!! I hope I get to read more of you here on PN!

Tasha Cune

Friday 6th of July 2012

I think that the alphabet mirror should be a great addition to a nursery, if only the colors were not so drab. But hey I guess you could always repaint it.

Sam Simon

Sunday 1st of July 2012


Dear Zen- thank you so much for your comment! When I was researching the post I also found this company in the UK. On their site they offer worldwide shipping. (Just a reminder, all their measurements are in centimeters, and their prices are by the British pound) They have mirrors in TONS of shapes! Check 'em out! If you end up getting one, or finding something else let me know! I'd love to see what you end up with! xoxosamsimon


Thursday 28th of June 2012

Sam, I just love that giraffe mirror! Does it come in other shapes? I really don't need a growth chart anymore.

Sam Simon

Thursday 21st of June 2012

Dear Ken- Thank you for reading my post, and commenting! I appreciate it! My space is small! Just mere 500 square feet, small in size, but big in style and love! Maybe one day I will write about it! xoxosam