The Mom Necklace

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but there is no special occasion needed to get a piece of jewelry that holds so much meaning and sentimental value. The “mom” baby initial necklace is a timeless piece we can wear everyday, and it’s also something that could eventually be handed down to your child. There are so many fun designs to choose from and at many different price points. So no matter what your budget might be, there is a necklace perfect for you.

One of the most unique styles I have seen is this dog tag design. One of the tags includes your child’s initial and the other one has the birth date. It is available in both silver and gold fill ($115).

I found a lot of great designers on Etsy that are making personalized necklaces. I really love this one by Stella Salvador. I like that she used two different sized discs so that you can include multiple children’s initials. It is also 14K gold filled, which is more durable than jewelry that is gold plated, so that the initials won’t rub off over time ($78).

Heather B. Moore is known for her beautiful charm necklaces. She uses precious metals and stones, and each tag is hand pressed with vintage turn-of-the-century tools. I like that you can continue to add charms to the necklace to create a piece that is truly your own.

A favorite jewelry designer of many celebrities is Jennifer Meyer (Toby Maguire’s wife!). Her claim to fame is her initial pendant set with diamonds. You may have seen this style worn by Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes. It’s definitely a stunner, but it’s on the pricier side starting at $1800.

Do you own a “mom” necklace, and is it a piece you wear everyday?


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    Being very practical and money conscious, I just fell in love with Stella Salvador’s personalized necklace. You can just add more smaller discs if you have more children.

  2. 2

    I think that both the dog tag design and charm necklaces are very elegant and beautiful. I’d definitely want them over the $1,800 Jennifer Meyer necklaces!

  3. 3

    My favorite here is the dog tag. Could you have three different initials and dates on one set of tags?

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