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Starting My Own Business: The Balancing Act

We at Project Nursery know that many moms share the dream of starting their own business to try to find that elusive balance between work and family life. Rebecca is going to share a little about her journey with us.


Well, I feel like life has been in fast-forward for the last four years…in a good way. Bear with me, as I give you some background. Four years ago, our first kiddo was welcomed into our party of two. Six weeks after his birth, I was back to work. Eighteen months later, we said hello to the second addition to our family; eight weeks after Blake was born, I took a leap and decided that returning to my full-time job was not the answer to filling my “creative bucket.” It was during this time that Fresh Chick Design Studio was born.

This was the answer to allow me to stay at home with my kiddos AND give me the time I needed and wanted to fulfill my creativity. Scary? Of course! I had no idea what direction things would go, but I knew one thing, I was loving what I was doing workwise and in love with being a mama of two boys. Then, twenty months later, along came the third and final bambino. So yes, I have my own business and three kids three years old and under. I can say it has been quite the balancing act.

A year ago, I petitioned my BFF to come onboard and join forces with me to help move the business ahead. So, naturally we needed to make life a little more crazy, and eight weeks after Bennett was born, we decided to take our business to the next level and open a storefront. Yep, that is how Petite Party Studio came to fruition. Two mamas, five kids and a vision that had been brewing for a long time! We want to share our mini journey of opening up shop while being the best moms we can be! Oh, and of course, share a little DIY and design along the way.

The signing of the lease!

It was love at first sight—the front door was already painted yellow and had fun silver numbers.

Here is a peek into the interior wall before we got our hands on some paint.

And here is the interior after a little paint!

Thanks for following along! Have you left a job to be a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom? Have any secrets to success or ways to balance the mommy guilt? We’d love to hear all about it?


Wednesday 20th of June 2012

How I wish! Being a single mom, do you think I should take the leap?

Florence Amber

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

I love my job and the pay is good, but I do get guilty at the way my kids are growing up without me. I think it was three years ago when I promised my kids that I would give my weekends to them, and be there for every milestone. It's difficult but I made good on that promise since.


Monday 18th of June 2012

Rebecca, I wish that I had half your courage. Right now, I can think of all the reasons NOT to quit my job and just work at home. This piece truly served as an inspiration for me.


Friday 15th of June 2012

I can understand the jitters you had, I had my share as well when I first put up my own company. But what made it easier for me was that I really hated the people at my old job and I hated going to work. Also, I had to take care of my two kids. Good thing, I had a supportive hubby, so it all worked out fine.


Thursday 14th of June 2012

You are inspiring Rebecca! Thanks for sharing your journey. Momprenuers have a special place in my book!