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Nursery Organization: All in a Box

We all know that in NYC, where most our clients live, space optimization is very important and challenging. Nevertheless, we still have lots of fun making the most of our clients’ small spaces. Today we wanted to focus on storing little items such as cotton pads, baby wipes, diaper rush creams, etc. We are big advocates of stylish boxes to hide toiletries or small things that can get in your way (especially during those midnight feedings).

This metallic lacquer box works perfectly in a romantic or vintage room.

To store diapers, we love this green, polka dot lunch box from the Macbeth Collection.


Large lacquered boxes add a pop of color and style to any dresser or side table.

Made to mimic the exotic look of stingray skin, these flocked Shagreen boxes bring a pearly grain to any elegant nursery.


A monogrammed silver-plated jewelry case can be converted into a baby toiletries box for a more traditional nursery.

What do you use to store your little one’s littlest things?


Friday 21st of March 2014


Nursery Organization: All in a Box


Thursday 28th of June 2012

I just adore those shagreen boxes. Do they come in other colors as well?


Thursday 21st of June 2012

We have those boxes from Target that you could stack up over the other. We have them in a set of seven, one for each color of the rainbow.


Wednesday 20th of June 2012

These storage boxes are beautiful enough to become room decors :)

Florence Amber

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

I like things simple and clean, so I'm digging the large lacquered boxes! It would also be great as accents and a great way to add a pop of bright color to a room.