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Easy Cakes to Impress Your Guests

Cake. Sweet, fluffy and light, smeared with frosting, whipped cream or dusted with powdered sugar, cake is always a rallying point at a party. It’s very hard to have a milestone event without this hallmark of celebration.

When I threw my friend’s “baby love” baby shower recently, I decided to focus on cakes and make them in as many variations as I could think of to satisfy any craving the mother-to-be may have. The part I forgot about when making all those cakes was that I would eventually have to decorate them all. After a practice run or two and some helpful advice, I was able so come up with a few styles that anyone can pull off.

Rustic. The base frosting I used for all these cakes was a Swiss Meringue Buttercream. The Swiss variety is stiffer and held its shape better than traditional buttercream, and it is totally delicious. The butter rich Le Reine cake below got a “rustic” treatment. This is the art of the perfectly imperfect—I used a spatula to flatten the frosting to the cake, but not so much so that is was perfectly smooth. The sugar flowers placed around the cake made for a professional finish. This is a fabulous decorating style for a woodland (with chocolate icing) or shabby chic theme party.

Ruffle cakes are extremely popular at parties these days—and for good reason. They are beautiful and take about fifteen minutes to decorate once you have your frosting done. (You definitely want a nice stiff Swiss Meringue Buttercream for this!) There are many tutorials out there on how to make these, but I liked this one from My Sweet and Saucy. To finish the cake and cover the little bit in the middle where the seams came together, I used fondant pearls. These come in lots of colors, so you can get creative! The ruffle cake is ideal for any girly birthday or shower.

Coconut cover. As a total sucker for coconut cake, I couldn’t pass up having this light and fluffy dessert available. After putting on the base layer of frosting, I pressed flaked coconut into the side and sprinkled it over the top. Again, using some sugar flowers, I created a polished look for the cake.

Sugar veil lace work. Since everything else at the party was very delicate and lacy, I gave this product called Sugar Veil a try. These doilies that I pressed into the side of the cake are actually made from sugar and are edible! They are thin and as fragile as paper, but they’re really a conversation piece. This cake style would work wonderfully with any feminine or shabby chic party.

Of course, there was more than cake for my guests—JP Creatibles made these incredible cookies and Sweet Temptations provided these very special chocolate covered oreos for the event. Both tasted even better than they looked if you can believe it.

I am very much a novice at cake decorating—in fact, I usually leave my party cakes to the professionals. All the cakes I created for this event were extremely easy to make look beautiful and something anyone could do at home !

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  1. Thanks for the article, everything will look very tasty, I’ll definitely try to cook something similar to my beloved son :)

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  6. Oh my goodness – what a ravishingly pretty sight! I love all things lavender and the contrast of the soft pale tones and all the confectionery and cakes is exquisite!

  7. I purchased these particular sugar veil items at that shop; I am sure there are others out there that sell similar items. I believe I only saw them in white.

  8. avatar Diane Mathias says:

    Thank you for sharing those sugar veils, I think that they will be very useful as an accent to parties, not just cakes. I tried checking the site you mentioned on Etsy, but the owner is on vacation. Do these sugar veils come in other colors as well?

  9. avatar BriskRain says:


    Hi Pam: I would agree with you on the coconut cake, I would like to preserve it and just display it somewhere. Paula, I love everything that you did here. Thanks for sharing!

  10. avatar Amy says:

    I love the sugar doilies…so much fun…thank you for sharing!

  11. avatar Florence Amber says:

    I love the ruffles cake. And I agree that they are quite popular and very beautiful, yet very easy and quick to do. I love all the cakes you have here.

  12. avatar Paula says:

    Erin–the sugar is regular granulated sugar.

    Angel–fresh flowers are always wonderful on cakes; just be sure to protect the cake from the stems if you are not using edible fresh flowers.

  13. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    You’ve made use of sugar flowers for your rustic cake, I was wondering if it was ok to use fresh flowers for this one?

  14. I thought I would try the Swiss Meringue Icing you suggest but am stuck. it says just ‘sugar’ in the recipe. is that regular white or confectioners?

  15. This is one of the most delicate and beautiful displays, I’ve ever seen. Just lovely!

  16. avatar Pam says:

    There’s just something about the creamy white and lavender color combo that is so dreamy! Gorgeous Paula. And that coconut cake! It’s too beautiful to eat.