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DIY: How to Make a Decoupage Tree

There’s no question that trees have become a popular decor item in the nursery. Just scroll the pages of the Project Nursery gallery, and you’ll see all kinds of trees in different sizes and shapes! The vinyl decals are easy, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. With a quick trip to my favorite local craft store, I grabbed some of my favorite scrapbook papers, some simple tools, and in a few hours this very cool tree grew right out of my imagination!

Not very creative? Don’t stress! If you can tear paper, you can accomplish this tree—and just to prove it, here are a few simple steps on recreating the same look in your own home!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started (some of this you’ll probably already have at home):

Shopping List:

Scrapbook paper (any size) about 20 sheets for a 6′ tree
Modge Podge Glue (you can find this with the other glues; I went with the matte finish because I didn’t want it to be too shiny)
Cheap paintbrush (you’ll throw it away after, but get a wide one—I think mine was 2″)
Paper bowl or plate
Ladder or step stool

STEP 1: Go to your local craft store or scrapbooking store, and pull some of your favorite papers. I brought fabric swatches of the bedding I was coordinating the tree with and grabbed a mixture of printed, solid and glittered papers (everything needs a little sparkle)—anything that was in the same color family that I thought might look cool together. It’s better to have a variety of colors and styles than to stock up on one print, so go for it, get creative and just grab one of each paper you like. I think I had about twenty different sheets total to start with. I only used about half, but it’s better to have too much than not enough. It’ll save you a trip back to the store mid-tree.

STEP 2: Start the tree. I didn’t use a tree template, but if you’re nervous about limb placement, I’d suggest printing a picture of a tree you like and using it as a reference for limbs and the trunk. Don’t worry, there’s no “right” way to make a tree—just take a peek into your backyard! I started at the trunk where the limbs start to branch off. That way you know the approximate height of your tree, and you can make sure you give yourself a good base to work from. If you start from the floor, there’s a good chance your tree might grow crooked, but if you’re more comfortable with that, then go for it!

You can use the scissors to cut the limbs, but I actually tore all of my paper. I like the imperfect edges, and it adds a vintage feel to the tree. So put those hands to work, and just tear down the sheets, making each branch the thickness and length that works for you. Once you have the torn piece ready to go, just slather on the Modge Podge to the back with the paint brush, and press it against the wall. The glue is super sticky, so it will attach right away, but it will still be moveable if you don’t like your first placement. Hint: if the glue goes beyond the tree onto the wall, don’t worry, it dries clear!

STEP 3: Let it grow, baby! As the limbs reach out and up, tear the paper thinner, just like on a real tree. I tried to do the main branches first, and then filled in with the smaller branches as needed. I love how the one lower left branch reaches out across the crib. Wouldn’t it be cute to hang the baby’s name off of it? Or pictures of family members like a family tree?

STEP 4: Once the tree was complete, I added the flowers and bling and cut out the leaves. Now, for the leaves, I did use my scissors (it’s easier than tearing). I stacked up some of my leftover scrapbook paper and cut out simple leaf patterns. I grouped the leaves on the tree and added a rhinestone to give it some BLING!

So that’s it! No two trees will be the same, and I can only imagine the possibilities! You could add rows of rhinestones to the branches, use fabric for the leaves, add birds, butterflies…whatever your imagination can dream up!

Happy tearing everyone!

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So clever! I love the way it looks!!

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Thanks for sharing!

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