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Wall Magic

Recently, I have been working on a new collection of wall art, so I have been looking for inspiration for new ways to use the blank wall space in my home. Walls are the perfect way to express ourselves in our homes. There are many options to dress nursery walls that can express any style. Take a unique approach and consider other options to traditional canvas or framed art.

RETRO: Collections are a great way to invite the “curious” into our home. Whether on a wall or on a shelf, any time you can show off your latest finds the better. People love exploring your treasures and often have a story of their own that they can relate to your unique choices. I love the games this person placed on this wall in the room below.

Image from Deco Peques

BOHEMIAN: Add a playful zoo reference above the bed. Faux animal trophies have been a recent trend. Anthropologie carries some fun papier-mâché versions, or you can get crafty and make your own.

Image from Annette Tatum Collections

VINTAGE: Homemade silhouettes, cut out from favorite fabrics, make the perfect backdrop sky to then layer a clothesline of art. Walls that are re-translated and transcend the obvious are always great.

Image from Apartment Therapy

MODERN: Adhesive wall decals are a great alternative to framed art. A simple translation in a graphic element can result in dramatic results. Mix and match color against black and white.

Image from Apartment Therapy

ECLECTIC: Silly and eclectic wall design leads to a fantastic work in progress. It never has a planned look about it but always looks organized—the eclectic wall is always dynamic. A fun pinata and handmade handkerchief banner show a pure expression of those who live there—unfiltered and unedited is best.

Image from Spearmint Baby


Monday 11th of June 2012

That one in the first photo is just "wow!" The one with the birds fluttering their wings just looks so overwhelming. I wouldn't want to look like I have a nest hidden somewhere in my body every time I sleep and I wouldn't want to feel like they're ready to land on me and start pecking on my face.


Tuesday 29th of May 2012

Great unusual walls here. I love the Bohemian look, it's soooo clean. And I would love to get those Anthropologie papier maches!

Jasmine C.

Friday 11th of May 2012

I would agree with Zen on the games. I had a similar wall when my daughter was still a baby. It had all her father's favorite board games on it, some were originally owned by him!

Frauline Melfi

Sunday 6th of May 2012

Hi Annette! Thank you for these beautiful walls! On top of being very pretty, it is very easy to do!


Thursday 3rd of May 2012

Oh wow, I must say that these are really lovely ideas. I specifically like the idea of putting up old games on your wall!