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Single Color Sensations!

Yes, you heard it right; you can create party decorations that pop with just one color. I love the idea of single color parties, but I haven’t seen many out there. I am hoping to start a new trend with you right now. Here are a few simple guidelines.

Pick a color your child loves. You can use a really saturated tone or a pastel palette like this gorgeous pink dessert table below—either way can be beautiful.

Pink Party by Bella Grace Party Designs

Many of you may ask if making everything the same color is just too much, and with certain colors, it might be. So if you’re on the fence, using neutral baked goods in cream or white can tone things down but will still make your color stand out.

Blue Damask Party by Jenny Cookies

Using the same colored glassware is another breathtaking statement. I love all these vintage yellow cake plates. Many of these items can be found on craigslist, etsy or eBay.

Dessert Table by Jenny Cookies

Apothecary jars and vases filled with candy in your color choice look great set on top of a crisp, white table cloth.

Orange Candy Display photographed by Bend the Light Photography

Lastly, you can use your color and create layers in different tones.

Purple Party by Two Pokey Kids

So what color is your little one crushing on? I know my daughter is a pink and purple kind of girl!

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  1. avatar Recreate says:

    I love using one color in different shades for my parties. Especially during times when I just don’t have the time and energy to think of a good theme that everyone will enjoy.

  2. avatar MarissaS says:

    Well, I think that if I ever have a single color-themed party, then I should pick something that’s not common. Like celadon green. Yeah, maybe I should just go for that!

  3. avatar Tonya (Soirée Event Design) says:

    Great post! Just had a Blue Rio party for my 4 year old and getting ready for a blue Avatar party for my 9 year old coming up! Good thing I happen to LOVE blue!

  4. avatar Ellen says:

    Using single colors makes such a bold statement! I love these parties, especially the blue set up, that would look lovely as a paper invitation too.

  5. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    Sometimes going for a single color theme is the easiest route, especially when other themes are so hard to execute or certain elements to that theme are just not easily available.