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CupcakeMAG Small Space Revamp & Giveaway!

You may have seen this sweet girls’ room in our current Room of the Month Finalists group. Today we are chatting with Casi Densmore-Koon, editor and founder of CupcakeMAG, to get tips on how she mixed and matched patterns and built a big design in a small space. Don’t forget to the check out the giveaway at the end for a chance to win a virtual design revamp of your own!

1. How do you like to begin your design process?

You have to think of it as a blank canvas. We started with the small spaces trend in mind and wanted to make the most of a small space. We wanted to create big things even though the space was small. We immediately knew we wanted to include the Emily Bed in Raspberry from Newport Cottages, and we built the color palette around it. From that point on, it just came alive! We searched for the perfect treasures to fill the room.

2. How did you choose the color scheme?

After looking at Annette Tatum’s paint collection, I knew right away we wanted something bold and bright. We went with the orange and pink combo because it was cheerful, fresh and fun. Perfect for little girls!

3. Mixing patterns is a big trend right now. How do you recommend getting this look without overwhelming the space or making it look cluttered?

It’s huge, and I love it! It’s important not to have it everywhere! I suggest picking one main pattern and mixing it in small amounts throughout the space. We kept focus on the ikat print from the Annette Tatum bedding and built around it. Instead of having ikat everywhere, we found a complementing pattern like chevron to use for the curtains and a small-scale pattern for the rug. You wouldn’t want to do ikat everywhere in the room because it would be overwhelming, so it’s important to find a good contrasting pattern. You can really make most patterns work well together, as long as you mix them well and don’t overdo it.

4. Best tip or trick when designing for a small space?

You have to think outside of the box. We created the exposed closet so it would both fill up an empty wall and create a great focal point. We took a bookshelf and laid it down to use it as a bench that can also be used to store toys in. You have to figure out ways to make the space work for you, and just because it’s small, doesn’t mean you can’t create something great!

5. What was the biggest challenge you faced with the room?

The radiator covers were the biggest challenge because they really just need to come out. However, with a time crunch we decided to make them work for us and painted them in pink so they almost look like molding but aren’t. It’s a great way to make things work—just add paint!

6. Do you have a favorite piece in the room?

It has to be the Emily Bed from Newport Cottages. It was the true inspiration behind the design—creating something with big style in a small space. To create bigger impact, we made a higher bed by adding a box spring with the Serta mattress even though this bed frame doesn’t need one. Your little one is sure to feel like a princess! The bed truly does it for me. It’s a beautiful piece! I also adore the vintage trunk because of its multiple uses. It’s a great find! And I love the look of the exposed closet—I want one in my room! It’s a great way to show your pretties!

Images taken by Kim Flores of Whimsy Baby Photo;
for more pictures of the room, check out the gallery!


WIN IT! One lucky Project Nursery reader will win a CupcakeMAG Oh-So-Stylish Places, Virtual Home Re-Vamp (valued at $600). You set the budget, and they provide everything from a detailed layout plan for your furniture to the color choices for your wall to a list of accessories that will make the room pop. They will create the space of your dreams with a design layout, inspiration boards and links to shop!

PERK ALERT! CupcakeMAG is offering Project Nursery readers 50% off ANY style package if you can’t wait to win—just mention Project Nursery to get the discount (discount good through June 5, 2012).

HOW TO ENTER: Let us know which room you would like revamped in a comment below. Contest ends Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 11:59 PDT. Winner chosen by random number generator.


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