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Colorful Cribs Roundup

Newport Cottages is introducing a new nursery collection, The Devon Collection.We like the clean lines and modern look, but wow, we adore the color!

The bright color of their sneak peek crib got us thinking, who else is rocking a colored crib in their nursery? We headed into our gallery to check it out!

Navy Crib in Max’s Nursery


 Celery Green Crib in Nolan’s Nursery


Red Painted Crib in Adler’s Colorfully Vintage-Inspired Nursery


Gray Crib in Clementine’s Nursery


Aqua Painted Crib in Walt’s Tropical Oasis


We love the bold statement of a colored crib. What do you think?

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  1. avatar KelleJoya says:

    I think that the aqua crib is just fabulous. Would love to own one just like it!

  2. avatar Dandelion says:

    I think that a bold colored crib should be used if you have safe colors or if you live in an apartment where you cannot do some painting on the walls. These are lovely Beth, great choices once again!

  3. avatar Tammy Henry says:

    I love these….I want a blue or green crib!

  4. avatar MarissaS says:

    These cribs are works of art by itself. I am just too antsy to use very colorful cribs because they tend to hog all the attention, is there a way to make sure that your other room details are not ignored because of this?