The Biggest Baby Shower Ever, Miami Edition

We’ve taken our show on the road, and we’re not stopping any time soon. So when Big City Moms traveled to Miami to share their one-of-a-kind event with Florida parents, we couldn’t resist a little fun in the sun plus the opportunity to introduce our website to new and future moms and dads.

Planning for Miami gave us an excuse to take our signature pink and turn it up a notch (or maybe 12!) in this hot pink and bright orange booth display. Check out those FLOR tiles!

We also took a slightly different approach for this event. We showcased the talents of Florida resident and Project Nursery Design Expert, Paula Briggs of Frog Prince Paperie by asking her to style our candy display.

It was a sure way to lure unsuspecting parents into our booth and then present our website via iPads and laptops strategically placed amongst the sugary sweetness. Sounds almost sinister! Well, not really. As many of you already know, Project Nursery doesn’t just encompass the nursery. We are simply about amazing kid design. So whether you are planning a baby shower, second birthday party or toddler room transition, we want our readers to know that they can continue to visit us between nurseries.

The most pressing question of the evening was, “Is this real?” Attendees were talking about the stunning fondant cupcake toppers masterfully created by Brenda Walton, of Sugar High, Inc. Brenda’s level of detail was more than impressive.

Speaking of details, our next superstar Stephanie Kappel, of The Hungry Hippopotamus, baked and decorated cookies by hand. The final product was so clean, so pretty and so perfect, it got a few, “Wow. Are you kidding me?

Paula’s cheery Hothouse Flower printable collection adorned the glass apothecaries, cupcakes and more. Andrea Fraga of Dolce Drive was of great help in her hometown of Miami and kindly pulled in Nancy of Viva Verde Shop to create beautiful, modern florals that complemented our display.

While we distributed Nursery Checklists to the nursery planning parents in attendance, Paula held popular little demonstrations on how to use printables and create paper decor for any party.

Lastly, thanks goes out to the talented Angel Gray Photography for capturing such beautiful and bright photos. Here’s our small team below: Paula, me and our new, terrific friend of Project Nursery, Gillian.

Now, for those of you in the New York area, you are not going to want to miss The Biggest Baby Shower Ever and HUGE display team Project Nursery is bringing to New York City on May 9th—just two weeks away! We have some incredible designs we’ll be unveiling within our “Nursery Design Center” along with some very, very special sponsors. Stay tuned!


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    Way to go Melisa, Paula & Gillian! The colors are so vibrant and the sweets – oh my! What pregnant mom wouldn’t want to hang out in that booth? Can’t wait for team PN to take on NYC next!

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    Great work here, ladies! I sure would love to catch you if you are coming to California. With the baby only 2 months away and with lots and lots to do, I can’t see myself traveling to New York! But from the looks of what you have here, I’d be missing a lot.

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    Cool! The cupcakes and the cookies indeed look so awesomely detailed and delicious, I think I’d hesitate to take a bite! LOL. Great going PN! Hope to see more of these in other states!

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