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Own Your Own Color and Save Lives

As nursery designers, we see a world of application for the use of color. The arrival of spring always reinvigorates us, as it does many others. Take the newest Target ad campaign showing colorful characters adding color to the world or this month’s In Style Magazine dedicated to color.

Did you know that the screen on your computer, tablet or smartphone can display 16.7 million different colors? It’s hard to image that there are so many colors in existence! We all know the ROYGBV colors of the rainbow, but that’s only six. The idea that the difference from the rainbow we see in nature to the computer screen in our living room is over 16.6 million colors is, well, pretty mind-blowing. Assuming we can fathom that there are in fact that many colors, how do we go about naming them? Pantone has helped, but there are plenty of nameless colors floating around out there.

Own A Color Benefitting Unicef

Enter the Own A Color Campaign benefiting Unicef. This brilliant fundraising idea combines our love of color with the desire to help children around the world. For a minimum of only $2, you can own your own color and help Unicef change children’s lives.

Own A Color Campaign

And yes, we definitely walk the walk. Here are the two colors we bought today! Please take a moment and head over to Own A Color, and put your name on a color you love!

Own A Color

Own A Color Pink Mamma


Monday 27th of March 2023

Do we truly and really own the color all across the world? like I could use my color for something and be paid?? Or plainly get paid for people using my color?


Saturday 16th of July 2016

Very well done for having so much good food for such a short period :) I love the fork leg congee. Pleeeeaeeeesee let me know if you find a place in Sydney that offer this dish :)


Saturday 28th of April 2012

Thanks for the bit of backgrounder you have there MapleSyrup. It's interesting to know because when I first read about this, I really thought that they were the first to do this. But even so, I don't regret owning 7 colors :)


Saturday 28th of April 2012

I remember that there used to be a website like this. One million pixels, where you own one pixel for a dollar. It quickly sold out, making the creator an instant millionaire. It might not be an original idea, but still, it's for a great cause :)

Jasmine C.

Friday 20th of April 2012

I agree. If it's Unicef, it is, beyond question, a worthy cause. And I see there are still so many colors available! Let's help spread the word.