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Nurseries and Parties We Love This Week

Our readers knocked it out of the park this week! From California to Japan, readers from across the globe uploaded jaw-dropping projects. While we loved all the parties and rooms this week, there were four projects that topped our list as “Nurseries and Parties We Love.” Now we want to hear from you! Which project has won your heart this week? We’ll find out on Monday!


Finley’s Rainbow Birthday Party by kmhawk
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Brynn’s Big Girl Room by rxjenna
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Guess How Much I Love Two by one stone events
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Baby W’s Sweet Space by PennyLayne
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Which one do you “like”? Click the “like” button at the top of the gallery page of your favorite project to make your selection. We will reveal the fan favorite on Monday after 12pm PST/3pm EST!


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  1. avatar ProudDad2B says:

    The rainbow theme is just too much color for me. Sorry.

    But I do love Brynn’s Big Girl Room. I think if we’re having a girl, I’d definitely put that one up. Or at least make it look good for a boy.

  2. avatar IngridCalloway says:

    Brynn’s Big Girl room is my fave!

  3. avatar Lisa B says:

    I vote for brynns big girl room. So beautiful

  4. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    My vote goes to Guess How Much I Love Two. I just love the “earthiness” of the party.

  5. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    It’s definitely Brynn’s Big Girl Room for me. Those colored frames and cutesies got me.

  6. avatar rxjenna says:

    I’m honored! Thanks so much :)