Little Choux: Unique Children’s Decor

I’m always looking for sites that carry unique children’s decor that you can’t find on the big box sites. Well, Little Choux is one of those spots. They carry a line of wallpaper from England, which is juvenile yet sophisticated at the same time called Hibou Home. The Gymkhana horse wallpaper above is perfect for any girl obsessed with horses. And my son would love the Pirate Seas wallpaper below for his room.

I would personally use these on an accent wall in a room or above a chair rail since they do have a definite theme to them. Their colored raffia baskets are a nice unusual touch to help make toy storage colorful, chic and unique.

Oh, and if you are on Pinterest like myself, Little Choux has a wonderful treasure of inspirational photos classified by color.


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    A new site to bookmark! Thanks for introducing me to Little Choux, Andrika! I love their accessories, their watercolor artworks, and their ballet girl prints!

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    I am obsessing over their photo frames. They are really lovely, especially for someone like me who has made a serious hobby out of taking pictures of her kids.

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    @Ysczabel, yes I have! They’re very whimsical and charming! Perfect for a playroom or a little girl’s room!

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    I am obsessed with that equestrian wallpaper! precious!

    Me too!!! Have you seen their other designs as well? EQUALLY great!

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    Frauline: Have you seen their nest watercolor paintings? So pretty and charming!

    Thank you for pointing that out to me. I fell in love with it too. I also love the Pirate Seas Wall Paper featured here!

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