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Shopping for a diaper bag is not an easy process! In fact, I would say it’s just as overwhelming as picking out your first stroller. You have so many questions running through your head. Is it worth the money? Will it be durable? Does it have all the bells and whistles? And most of all, will I love using it? For all the wear and tear that a baby bag gets, it’s definitely worth doing some research before making your purchase.

My husband actually surprised me with the Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The nylon makes it lightweight and easy to clean. Three and a half years and a dozen vacations later, this bag still looks fantastic. It came with a cute polka dot changing pad, and I love the big pockets on the sides for bottles, a cell phone or toys. It also has an inside strap that allows it to hang nicely on your stroller ($418).

If you are looking for something stylish and affordable, I would suggest the Nest Dexter Diaper Bag. It is made of nylon, which also makes this bag super lightweight. I love the big gold studs down the front, and the lining is in a cute light blue printed fabric ($150).

I also like the idea of having a bag that can be carried two ways. Timi & Leslie makes the fantastic convertible diaper bag Hayley, which can be carried over the shoulder or folded over messenger style on days when you aren’t carrying every baby item known to man. It’s available in faux leather and comes with great storage compartments and additional accessories ($169).

You probably wouldn’t think of LeSportsac for your baby bag, but you should—these bags are indestructible. I own two LeSportsac bags, and they have traveled the world with me. Over ten years and they’ve yet to show wear. The nylon is incredibly strong, yet super lightweight. You can even throw them in the washing machine, which is a huge plus for a bag that gets thrown everywhere. The Ryan Baby Bag comes with a changing pad and is available in a variety of adorable prints ($128).


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    Nice work, hubby!! I love the Kate Spade Stevie!!! I’ve been using my Skip Hop bag for two years now and am really happy with it. I’m hoping it’ll be big enough for 2 in a month or so :) What I really need to do is clean it out as a lot of crap has piled in at the bottom.

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    I absolutely adore the Kate Spade Stevie bags, and I’m not even pregnant! I’m still a college student, and it’s perfect to carry around books, a laptop, and everything else while still looking chic! I can’t stand backpacks. I have 3 of them, and (hopefully) one day their use will be switched from a camera/book/laptop bag to a baby bag!

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    The Kate Spade bag is so gorgeous! You’re right, ZsaZsa, the bag doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all, but it does have all the diaper bag functionality!

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    I really love how diaper bags nowadays look so stylish and fashionable. I got mine from Posh Tots (Petunia Pickle Bottom) and I use it even when I don’t have the baby with me.

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