Design Reveal: A Colorful Playroom

New York City is famous for not offering much space, but you’d be surprised by how easily an unused basement can turn into a wonderland. Here the client gave us their basement to convert into a playroom for their three children—and all their friends. The only challenge we faced was the lack of natural light.

We changed the space by adding wallpaper, painting the walls and shelves and adding new carpets. In a few cases, we reused shelving they already owned, giving them a new coat of paint and a bright new lease on life. We brought in a variety of seating elements and furniture types to suit whatever mood the children are in on any given day.

Our starting point was this unique and colorful robot wallpaper. We chose something whimsical to bring both a sense of fun and vibrant color to the space.

We found the perfect play table from a school supply store—its height can be adjusted easily, so it can grow with the children and also be a comfortable place for the parents to sit when they are coloring with their children. The table allows for bins underneath for storage, making it functional on multiple levels. The bright colored chairs we used enlivened the neutral table.

Our advice? Keep it simple and most importantly, keep it fun; playrooms are about expressing creativity and letting go. With elements like a chalkboard wall, we created spaces for the children to add the final—and ever-changing—touches to the design of their spaces.



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    Bright, colorful and exciting! I love the green-colored ladder-type shelf. I have one in white, and now I am considering repainting it. And the Lalaloopsy dolls are a cute and fun addition to the shelf. These dolls always come in wonderful colors.

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    It always amazes me what a punch of color can do to a dull or dark space. The playroom looks fantastic! Sure the kids love it and the best part is the colors work for both girls and boys.

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    Great playroom ! I love the colors and a very inviting table :) , and of course big bean bags are a must to have for any fun playroom :) Great choices .

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    I think the colors in this room is enough to get the kids in the mood for play. I love the little touches, especially thinking of storage bins under the table. But are those dolls Lalaloopsy dolls? If they are, better get them away from the kids. My granddaughter has one and she loved it to bits, but the plastic head is just too heavy! I gave her a nasty bump that lasted for a week :(

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    Hi Alessia and Julie: Thanks for the tip on the robot pillows. I am thinking of adding them to my son’s room :)

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    I love the green ladder shelf. Where did you find it? I am only able to find black and white models online.

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