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Belly Armor Wanted

I have a belly, it’s just not pregnant right now (chuckle). But I also have this horrible habit of sitting on the couch with my laptop, watching my new favorite show Smash, and this isn’t great for oh so many reasons. But I was pregnant not so long ago, and I used my baby bump as a human shelf for the most part. Looking back, I think about the everyday radiation from cannot-live-without gadgets like my laptop in my life then and now.

The new Belly Armor blanket seems like a smart invention given all the recent data out there about cellphones, radiation, etc. Pam and I simply wanted to share it for your consideration along with the Belly Band and Belly Tee. What do you think?

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  1. avatar Sabrina says:

    I used a pillow as a laptop cushion when sitting on the couch even while not pregnant. It’s more comfortable and no one needs it sitting right on them. It’s all scary though!

  2. avatar 12andcounting says:

    ProudDad2B, this would be a great solution for pregnant women who are placed on bed rest. Too bad, though, you found out about this just now.

    For those who aren’t on bedrest, though, I think it would still be much wiser to keep these gadgets way out of your bellies!

  3. avatar ToddlerRemedies says:

    What will they think of next? But I do think that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  4. avatar ProudDad2B says:

    Hi Melisa: My wife used to freak out about it too, but with the bed rest she’s confined to, she has no choice but to just enjoy the time off work with the laptop and the iPad. I think we’d be getting this, even when there’s only about a month and a half to go

  5. avatar Shai Virtuso says:

    True, Dandelion. I had to click the link to see the “mechanism” or something that which enables it to shield your belly from radiation. But as for me, I’d rather use the desk instead of my belly. I guess that’s safer and a lot cheaper. And I never sleep with my mobile phone by my side.

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    I wonder how effective this product is. It’s really sad we have no means of checking is it’s against something we really cannot see.

  7. I think about that everyday I’m pregnant. I find myself resting my iPad on my tummy. I think this is a great thing and want one even with 9 weeks to go!

  8. avatar Pam says:

    I was talking with a girlfriend recently about all the low grade radiation from cell phones and all the everyday gadgets. And don’t get me started on those new body scanners at the airport. I’m a little freaked out to say the least! I’d love to give this a try since I’m right on the sofa with you Melisa (although a whole country and two time zones away) when it comes to Smash! – P