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A Room Fit for a Princess

My name is Michelle, and I am a Pinterest addict. I am currently very obsessed with this amazing site and am finding the most awe-inspiring pictures. This week I wanted to highlight some of my favorite over-the-top girl’s rooms fit only for a princess.

The custom woodwork in this princess room is out of this world. I love the idea of a bed in a separate cove—it seems so cozy. However, my favorite aspect of this room is definitely the staircase.

I love the Old World feeling inspired in this room designed by Candice Olson. It is classic and elegant. I think it’s the window seat and accompanying pillows that make this room so spectacular.

Although we can only see a slice of this room featured in Elle Decor, there is something so appealing about it. It feels modern and fresh. The detail above the doorway is amazing.

You cannot have a princess room without a canopy bed. What I love about this room is the absence of pink. It’s chic, hip and ultra feminine without being so girly. Animal print carpet—yum!

I would love to know which is your favorite. Happy pinning!

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  2. avatar SMiaVS says:

    There’s little (if anything) custom about that first room. Pretty much everything in there seems to come from Posh Tots, (google it) the online children’s furniture dealer responsible for the decor in most of the outlandish children’s spaces circulating on the internet.

  3. avatar ToddlerRemedies says:

    These are simply magical, and it makes me yearn for a baby girl even more!

  4. avatar MapleSyrup says:

    Michelle, who here is NOT a Pinterest addict? It was actually pinterest that led me here :) And oh, btw, I so love the pictures you have collected here!

  5. avatar Frauline Melfi says:

    I go ga-ga over Moorish and Moroccan decor, so the room featured by Elle is by far my fave among these spaces! The arches and the details above the doors and windows have a modern-Moorish touch to them. So beautiful!

  6. avatar MarissaS says:

    I love the first two rooms. The first one for its castle-like design and the little “grand” staircase above the bed in the cove, and the second one for its window seat.

    And, yes, I am totally with you about Pinterest! I am also hooked!

  7. avatar Diane Mathias says:

    Hello Michelle! I am a Pinterest addict, too! There are so many beautiful things there that I get really overwhelmed. It’s a visual feast over there!

  8. avatar Christine says:

    That second room with the window seat is way too busy for my taste; the others are just lovely!