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Safe is Beautiful

When creating the perfect nursery for your baby, the colors, patterns and overall look and feel of the room often come first. Of course, at Project Nursery, we understand the desire to have a chic and stylish nursery, but thinking about what’s safe for your baby is just as important. Thankfully, nursery design has reached new heights in terms of style, selection and quality, and you no longer need to compromise on style when looking for safe, quality, organic and chemical-free products.

On behalf of the “Safe is Beautiful” campaign, we’ve put together four important tips to help you jump start a fun, fashionable and safe room that both baby and you will love. We hope you visit our friends at The MDB Family, the force behind, and check out these important tips and safety suggestions from their terrific group of partners.

Wilma Doesnt

Monday 12th of March 2012

Safe is beautiful. The only negative thing about safe, organic and eco-friendly options is that they're way more expensive than the regular products. Maybe more parents would go safe and green if the products are more affordable. Sigh.


Monday 12th of March 2012

Love the site and the safety tips! Indeed, the nursery should be the safest place in the house!